8 Steps to Effective Training Intro

Businesses face challenges every day. One of the biggest is keeping their employee’s skills up-to-date. The task of training employees is something facing more and more managers and supervisors every day. Talent development is key to keeping organizations on the cutting edge; and improving employee retention.

However, in many organizations training falls into the laps of managers, supervisors, or inexperienced “appointed” trainers. So, how can we get people effectively trained and provide ongoing opportunities for growth? By utilizing the “8 Steps to Effective Training” process.

Now, not every training session will require you to fully utilize all eight steps; however, they are all important to consider for every training. Let’s start with an overview of the 8 steps; and then we will use the next few months to look deeper into each one.

Step 1 – Facilitate Learning. This is key to trainer success. Facilitated learning is where the students are encouraged to take more control of their learning process. The trainer’s role becomes that of a facilitator and organizer, providing resources and support to learners.

Step 2 – Focus on Performance. Establish, and confirm you are on track with, the overall objective of the training as you prepare your materials.

Step 3 – Focus on Learning. Be sure you are providing maximum opportunity for participant learning; considering all adult learning styles.

Step 4 – Be Prepared. This cannot be overstated. Having your materials ready and ensuring everything, including electronic equipment, is ready to go is vital.

Step 5 – Effective Delivery. It is important that you learn and develop effective communication skills to conduct the training successfully.

Step 6 – Promote Engagement. The best trainings get learners involved. Try a variety of training methods to enhance engagement.

Step 7 – Obtain Feedback. The only way for you to determine the success of the training, and to have the opportunity to make effective improvements, is to obtain participant feedback.

Step 8 – YOU Never Stop Learning. Take advantage of every opportunity to improve your training skills.

We are off to a good start. Next month we will delve deeper into Step 1 – Facilitate Learning.

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