CLP™ Roofing System



Stronger • Better Puncture Resistance

More waterproofing above the scrim • seamless System

CLP-CLP-Membrane-AnalysisYou want a cost-effective roof replacement option, but want it to be worry-free, too. CLP™ Roofing System is a revolutionary hybrid system designed to be a superior alternative to single ply systems. Partially factory-made and partially field-fabricated, CLP™ Roofing System offers cross-link polymers with the reinforcement scrim used in the membrane, which has proven to improve both its strength and puncture resistance.


Standard Single Ply Systems

Laminated waterproofing to reinforcement scrim ● Problematic seams ● Surface that can be easily punctured


CLP™ Roofing system System Advantages

  • Saturated, not laminated. The CLP™ Roofing System’s saturated makeup offers waterproof protection throughout the system; not just a thin layer on the top and bottom of the reinforcement scrim like laminated systems provide.
  • Seamless System. Being field-fabricated and adding proprietary layers eliminates the need for seams in the finished system.
  • Redundant system. CLP™ Roofing System is comprised of multiple, redundant layers that provide added strength and puncture resistance.

With CLP™ Roofing System, you get a cost-effective roof replacement system that’s a superior alternative to single ply systems because it eliminates the common failure points associated with them.


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