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If you need to be reminded about one of your building’s most expensive assets, all you have to do is look up.

A roof may represent a small percentage of an industrial building’s initial construction cost, but maintaining it over the course of the building’s lifetime can demand a significant amount of time and expense. Just how much time and money can depend on who you depend on.

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The History of Polymers: Then and Now

Many of the innovations used in commercial roofing today trace their roots to the late 1930s in the early days of World War II. Around that time, the Japanese invaded Indonesia and Southeast Asia, and cut off American supply to the natural latex rubber plants there. Those plants served as valuable feedstock to U.S. rubber […]

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New Technology Launched for Commercial Roof Replacements

Media Contact: Sue Stricklin VP of Marketing 800.523.7714 ext. 1142 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: New Technology Launched for Commercial Roof Replacements BOARDMAN, Ohio (May 10, 2017) – Simon Roofing, a national commercial roofing manufacturer and installer, has released a technologically-advanced roof replacement option that is a seamless system with strength and puncture resistant characteristics that […]

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Data-driven Roof Inspections Remove Assumptions, Subjectivity

There’s a new standard in commercial roof inspections that’s data-driven and solution-specific, meaning it removes the one-size-fits-all checklists and the subjectivity inherent in the technician’s level of experience. Today’s more sophisticated inspections are detailed and customized to the roof system type and its failure points. For instance, there’s a separate checklist and protocol for built-up […]

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Talking the Talk: A Brush Up on Common Roofing Terminology

Successfully managing your roofing assets is heavily dependent on being able to communicate effectively with your roofing company. Following are several common roofing-related terms and definitions to become comfortable with, if you’re not already. Blisters – A common roof defect consisting of an enclosed pocket of air, and perhaps water, trapped between layers of felt […]

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5 Questions about Spring Roof Maintenance Best Practices

After months of frigid temperatures and on-again, off-again snow and ice events, your commercial roofs might be showing signs of wear. How did your roof handle the winter months? What new issues are likely to surface this year? To maximize the useful life of your roof, spring and fall are the two best times to […]

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4 Consequences of Ignoring Ponding Water on Your Flat Roof

Ponding is the occurrence of water pooling on flat roofs after storms, snow melts, or heavy rains, but do you know about the types of damage that water is causing when left unrepaired? Roof systems are simply not designed to hold water. Even “flat” roofs contain a slight slope to maintain positive drainage. Ponding water […]


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