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4 Consequences of Ignoring Ponding Water on Your Flat Roof

Ponding is the occurrence of water pooling on flat roofs after storms, snow melts, or heavy rains, but do you know about the types of damage that water is causing when left unrepaired? Roof systems are simply not designed to hold water. Even “flat” roofs contain a slight slope to maintain positive drainage. Ponding water […]


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Back to School – 22 roofing terms to know: test your knowledge!

Properly maintaining and managing your restaurant or retail facility’s roof can be tough. Having a basic knowledge of a roof’s components will help you communicate easier with your roofing provider and be more knowledgeable when it comes to inspections and invoices. Even the most experienced facility managers who may claim to have “seen it all” […]

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Anatomy of a Roof Leak – 9 ways water can be entering your building other than from a roof leak.

The telltale signs are there. A puddle on the floor. Stains on a ceiling tile. An active drip. So how is the water getting in? It must be a roof leak, right? Maybe. That’s certainly the first inclination in many cases. But first a little homework might be in order. Before incriminating your roof and […]

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Roofing Warranties – Effective warranties are about coverage, not duration

  On the surface, it would appear the trend of commercial roofing warranty lengths extending to 20 or more years in duration should really put a facility owner’s mind at ease, right? Unfortunately, a problem lies in that many buyers of roofing systems fail to look beyond the surface of what the warranty’s coverage terms […]

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Timely Mitigation of Hail Damage Blows the Roof Off of Status Quo

When it comes to hail damage or another major weather event, the insurance industry might benefit from the “an ounce of prevention can equal a pound of cure” philosophy used in the healthcare world. Let’s say a person has a simple respiratory infection. They can go to the doctor for a diagnosis and often times […]

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