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Terlecky and Diana Join Simon Roofing at Boardman Headquarters

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (Dec. 18, 2017) – Simon Roofing, a national commercial roofing manufacturer and installer, recently hired Kathleen Terlecky as senior roof designer, and Anthony Diana as sales manager. Both positions are based at Simon Roofing’s Boardman headquarters. Terlecky will work with the sales team on commercial roof designing and estimating for restorations and replacements, […]

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10 Ways to Brighten Holiday Spirits for Little or No Money

Simon Roofing employees share ideas for spreading holiday joy We believe there’s still magic behind the holiday spirit and there are things we can do to brighten the holidays for others … both for people we know and ones that we’ve never met. So, we asked our employees for their thoughts on how to make […]

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Newborns, Slopes and Intricate Floats Highlight our Thanksgiving Memories

What memories spring to mind when you think of Thanksgiving? If you’re like the cross-section of Simon Roofing employees we hit up with this question, it’s likely rooted in special family traditions or perhaps an unusual circumstance that made the holiday far from conventional one year. Lori D. recalls a Thanksgiving involving a new baby. […]

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The beauty AND brains alternative for concrete repair

Think about the first thing a customer sees when they step out of their car and approach your building. Do they see cracks in the walkways? Chips of concrete missing from curbs? Unsightly stains on the surface? Tripping hazards? In short, are your businesses’ efforts to attract customers inside neglecting the negative impression you’re making […]

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Roof Warranties Give Facilities an Added Layer of Protection

Roof warranties can seem mysterious. They vary by manufacturer, they contain lots of legalese, and they can be long and tough to read. Even so, they are essential documents that maintenance and engineering managers need to understand to ensure a new roof’s long-term performance.

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5 scary consequences of water intrusion from your roof

Water is the silent enemy of your roof system, and its consequences can be downright scary. Do you cringe at every heavy rainfall; fearful of the damage that might be occurring to your most expensive asset to maintain? Water can pond on the roof’s surface, intrude through cracks or crevices, or force its way in […]

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Roofing Terminology 201 – How well did you retain what you learned in science class?

As one of the national leaders in applying science to roofing, Simon Roofing has developed proprietary methods for analyzing and determining a roof’s remaining useful life. That way it can make a most-informed recommendation to customers as to whether a roof can be repaired or restored before going the route of a costly replacement. Every […]

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Test Your Science Knowledge

If only science were this fun when we were in school. As the “roofing science” experts who have found ways to make commercial roofs last longer and perform better, we thought it’d be fun to test our science trivia knowledge. And yours.

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Think Outside the Box.

The standard way of thinking goes: you get a few leaks, your roof is starting to show its age, so it’s time to replace it. Right? That’s what conventional wisdom might suggest. But perhaps it’s time for a new way of thinking. There are viable alternatives to tearing off and replacing a roof that deserve […]

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The amount of waste created from roof replacements has gone off the deep end

Did you know the waste created from a complete tear-off and replacement of just a 12,000 SF commercial roof could be enough to fill a six-foot-deep Olympic-sized swimming pool? Or ten, 22-foot dumpsters? We all know roof restoration systems are more cost effective than replacements, but don’t discount the environmental benefits as well. Waste reduction […]

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