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Science of Roofing: Determining a Roof’s Condition

R&D Engineer Gisica Abdallah examines how Simon Roofing uses science and state-of-the-art technology to help customers understand the precise condition of their commercial roof and when they need to intervene with a repair, restoration or replacement.


Science of Roofing: The Meaning Behind Ratings and Certifications

From FM Approvals to Underwriter Laboratories, commercial roofing manufacturers go through extensive testing to provide customers with documented, high-performing products. Simon Roofing R&D Engineer Gisica Abdallah discusses the importance and impact of these ratings and certifications on a commercial roofing system.


Science of Roofing: Why We Perform Wind Uplift Tests

What exactly is a wind uplift test? Simon Roofing R&D Engineer Gisica Abdallah reveals how this crucial test helps protect against winds during a hurricane.


Customer Service’s Role in Resolving Roofing Issues

A team-orientated approach is what drives Simon Roofing’s customer service center. Alex Moore, Customer Service and Billing Coordinator, discusses how this mentality helped Simon Roofing assess damage in the Carolinas after Hurricane Florence made landfall earlier this year.


Traits of a Strong Customer Service Representative

Customer service is the number one priority at Simon Roofing. Alex Moore, Customer Service and Billing Coordinator, describes the qualities a customer service representative needs to succeed, and how Simon Roofing ensures each customer has a positive experience.


When Will A Roof Technician Arrive

Simon Roofing’s Alex Moore discusses the multiple platforms that are used to keep customers informed of when a commercial roofing technician will arrive at their building.


Reporting A Suspected Roof Leak

What exactly happens when you call in to report a potential leak in your building? Alex Moore, Customer Service and Billing Coordinator at Simon Roofing, outlines the steps and information needed to dispatch service as quick as possible.

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Test your knowledge

Test your knowledge: Do this, not that for cold weather commercial roof success Don’t believe the groundhog hype. Those of us in cold weather climates know the drill. We’re likely to see snow well into March and April.
With that in mind, it’s not too late for an interactive quiz to test your cold weather roof maintenance knowledge.

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Resolve to improve your commercial roof’s performance in 2019

It’s a new year. A new beginning. A time to set new goals. Why not consider a roofing-related resolution this year? Here are a few suggestions to help facility managers stay on top of things in 2019 relative to commercial roofing assets.

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Put A Freeze on Winter Fires

According to the National Fire Protection Association, during the winter months increased risk of fire is contributed to heating, holiday decorations, winter storms, and candles. NFPA and the U.S. Fire Administration have teamed up to help reduce your risk to winter fires and other hazards, including carbon monoxide and electrical fires. Read more …

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