Minutes to Mindfulness


Object focused meditation is a mindfulness practice where you choose an object on which to focus your attention. This can be anything from a rock, to a flame, to a photograph. The actual item you choose will not impact the outcome of this practice. The act of focusing on an object, tricks our mind into staying in the present moment.

This exercise can be done anywhere and anytime. The first thing you will need to do is choose your object. Next, take three deep breaths to help relax the mind and body. Now, simply observe every detail of the item. It is likely that your mind will wander, but just be aware of when it does, and bring your attention back to the object. You may do this for as short or as long as you would like. Once you are finished observing, take three more deep breaths. You should notice a difference in how you felt before and after the exercise.

Like all things in life, mindfulness does take practice. The more that you do it, the more comfortable you feel doing it, and the more benefits you will receive.

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