Back to School – 22 roofing terms to know: test your knowledge!

Properly maintaining and managing your restaurant or retail facility’s roof can be tough. Having a basic knowledge of a roof’s components will help you communicate easier with your roofing provider and be more knowledgeable when it comes to inspections and invoices.

Even the most experienced facility managers who may claim to have “seen it all” need to stay current on roof maintenance best practices, newer materials and technology being used in commercial roofing, and changes to building codes that impact the roof.

Sure, a trusted roofer should be armed with this information, as well, but the more you can talk the talk, know what questions to ask and remain observant as to what to look for when your roof is being worked on, the more effective you’ll be managing this critical — and sometimes expensive to maintain — asset.

Following is a list of commonly used terms in roofing today, and how they might be applied to your needs in managing your building’s roof.

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